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Evolutionary Science

At Elixseri, Evolutionary Science is our core philosophy.

Evolutionary Science is the practice of sustainably gathering and harnessing powerful molecules from nature’s “survivalist” plant and marine organisms. We carefully select these ingredients for their scientifically proven ability to stimulate cellular life and enhance cell survival.

evolutionary science

Survivalist Organisms

Imagine a cactus, a jellyfish, or the Edelweiss flower. They all share common survivalist mechanisms that have enabled them to endure and to thrive in extremely harsh conditions. In fact, these organisms have evolved over millions of years to survive in these conditions. They are made up of powerful molecules, with a scientifically proven ability to stimulate cellular life and enhance cell survival. At Elixseri, we tap into these organisms to harness their powerful molecules for our serums.

Biological Memory

Through the use of advanced biotechnology we are able to extract, stabilise and boost the potency of powerful natural actives, bringing the power of Mother Nature directly to your skin. And because humans share the same genetic origins as plants and marine life, our turbo-charged natural actives are bio-identical to our own cells. Their high compatibility with our own skin makes them highly bio-active, with the ability to reprogram our cells’ natural functioning, making cell life stronger and optimising our skin’s enzymatic systems.

evolutionary science
evolutionary science

Micro-Biotic Formulas

Elixseri's Bio Regenerative Technology, BRGT™, uses potent molecules from survivalist plants in an exclusive technology combining 3 classes of ingredients: Lightened Glacier Water, Plant Meristems and Fermented Fruits. These powerful actives thrive in our clean and pure formulas, free of any toxic substances that could disrupt our skin’s natural functions. Our BRGT™ and Elixseri Serums mimic nature to re-energise the skin’s cellular metabolism and optimise the skin’s microbiome for improved overall skin health and a natural, glowing complexion.

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