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Meet The Founders

We are Alicia, Faiza and Marina, three cosmetic industry experts with a combined experience of over 70 years. It is our different lifestyles, and our different approaches to beauty that have challenged us to create amazing products that answer different needs and that real women will want to wear.


Alicia, Business

Alicia has over 20 years’ experience in beauty in key roles in Sales, Marketing and Business Development. She has worked for YSL, Stendhal, La Prairie and Dianne Brill. Alicia lives in Zurich with her husband and son, is an outspoken feminist and enjoys hiking and yoga.

Alicia, as seen by Faiza:

The quintessential high-tech beauty junkie

There is nothing that this lady does not know about the latest ingredient, innovation or skincare technology. Alicia used to enjoy a heart thumping thriller as her bedtime reading but has replaced this with the latest scientific journals so that she keeps ahead of the crowd in terms of finding the next breakthrough skincare development.

Alicia (from a very early age) has been fanatical about beauty products, one look at her bathroom and you can see that this is where her passion lies. There are shelves laden with bottles and pumps, cabinets bursting with fragrance, lotions and potions, containers of makeup, delicate glass vessels filled with every conceivable colour of lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow…The only lady in a household of men, she sure does know how to claim her territory!

Alicia’s job is to manage everything to do with running the business: from number crunching to legal, logistics and suppliers. The fun bits are working closely with the lab to make sure that we create the best serums on the market.

Alicia’s favourite serum – Skin Meditation

Faiza, Marketing

Faiza has been marketing cosmetics since leaving university, working for the likes of Givenchy, La Prairie and Aromatherapy Associates. She lives in London with her husband and 3 kids and her passions include politics (you will often find her at a protest march, family in tow).

Faiza, as seen by Marina:

Low-tech beauty minimalist

For someone who has worked in this business for 25 years I am always surprised at Faiza’s pragmatic beauty routine, which is minimal to say the least. Her excuse is her busy family life and the fact that her husband hates her smelling of creams. But we also know that Faiza is quite often out and about and  that all that running around leaves little time for fuss. Not to mention that Faiza knows how to see through any marketing hype and the thing that annoys her the most is the lofty claims that skincare companies make in the hopes of selling their creams, some of which do more harm than good.

Faiza’s job is to think of you, our customer, all day, and every day. So while the products that we create are developed with the brightest brains and are technically very complex, she promises you that the Elixseri message is simple and easy to follow. No ridiculous claims, no fancy scary science, no hype. Just pure, potent, powerful and ethical products that do no harm to you or our planet but are easy to use and make you look and feel better.

Faiza’s favourite serum – Firm Conviction

Marina, Product

A certified beautician and the owner of one of the leading beauty practices, in the heart of Zurich. Marina's strength is treating difficult skin conditions and offering advanced anti-aging programs. A bit of a party girl, she can always be counted on to know where the hottest new restaurant is.

Marina, as seen by Alicia:

Renowned skin therapist and beauty purist

Marina has been wiping, pinching, stroking and massaging skins from a very early age – 16 to be exact. She has an extremely loyal following of ladies – and also lots of men - old and young, from all walks of life, all convinced of Marina’s magic. With a successful salon in the heart of Zurich, Marina is in the perfect position to hear women’s concerns, day in, day out.

She has worked with many of the world’s finest skincare brands and knows what works and what does not. She has a reputation for being tough, diligent and disciplined whilst still being caring and respectful. And somehow she can scold you into buying 6 products and you love her for it. This lady understands skin and more importantly understands the mistakes that women are making with their skin, more than anyone I have ever met.

Marina’s job is to make sure that our products do what they say, feel the way we want them to, are easy for our consumers to use and to integrate into their own personal routines, and will really give the results we promise. We all feel safe in Marina’s hands because somehow we know that she will have the answers we need and will absolutely forbid us from doing anything stupid.

Marina’s favourite serum – Opening Act