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With over 70 combined years in the skin care business, we were frustrated to see a real gap in the market. We, as consumers, were craving powerful, high-tech and results-driven serums, in clean and natural formulations with luxurious-feeling textures and pleasant scents. So we set out to fill that gap.

As skincare becomes more technical, more complicated and more confusing, we are suggesting a “back to basics” approach by prescribing simple and focused solutions for your skincare needs. And as products become filled with unknown chemicals and make exaggerated ingredient claims, we have gone back to nature to create pure and high-tech serums that will satisfy the most demanding customers. Our formulas are based on a clean philosophy that respects your skin and the environment, but makes no compromise in terms of technology, purity and luxury.

As true eco-luxury chicks, we wanted the cleanest serums possible, using Mother Nature as our guide, but delivered in pleasurable textures and presented in pretty (but sustainable) packaging. Green and clean should not be incompatible with luxury.

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