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Prebiotic Tropical Fruit Ferments

Fine wine, sake, pickled herring, chutney… The intensity of flavour that these foods share is due to a common process – Fermentation.

Fermentation intensifies what is already there, making it more potent. It does a lot of other wonderful things too. In your gut, in your skin and to your overall health. Which is why these days ferments are very much in fashion. But fermentation is actually 10’000 years old and widely recognized to be the most ancient and the most natural form of food processing and preservation. Fermentation locks in the beneficial ingredients in food without the use of harsh preservatives, heat or distillation methods.

At ELIXSERI, we have chosen to take the traditional approach to fermentation. This means that we ferment whole parts of fruits that have long been celebrated for their healing and anti-oxidant properties in the skin. We ferment the best part of the fruit– the peel or the seed of a young fruit- because they are the richest in micronutrients. And we ferment over long periods, between 12 and 18 months, which will guarantee a more nutrient rich end-product. The result is a potent, anti-oxidant, micro-biotic cocktail of tropical healing ingredients, and a key element in our BRGT™.

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