" I use 3 serums and love them all."   " Best serums ever! Fantastic results on my skin. Can’t stop using them! "   " Everyone says how great my skin looks. "   " Even my beautician tells me how beautiful my skin has become. Fantastic! "   " Genius serums, I look younger -☺ "   " Wonderful! I am now almost at the end of my second bottle! "   " Very Convincing. Firm Conviction does it all for my oily skin. "   " Can’t live without it… Literally can’t. "
" I use 3 serums and love them all."   " Best serums ever! Fantastic results on my skin. Can’t stop using them! "   " Everyone says how great my skin looks. "   " Even my beautician tells me how beautiful my skin has become. Fantastic! "   " Genius serums, I look younger -☺ "   " Wonderful! I am now almost at the end of my second bottle! "   " Very Convincing. Firm Conviction does it all for my oily skin. "   " Can’t live without it… Literally can’t. "

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Serum Q&A

A word from Marina:

"One of the best best things I can do for my clients is to introduce them to serums. Elixseri serums are natural, high tech and potent and will boost any existing skin care routine. They offer my clients complete flexibiliy to be used alone or in combination to target specific concerns. Elixseri serums are the Ferrari of skin care, turbo charging your skin's own regenerative functions."

  • Elixseri serums are simple and pleasurable to use, and easy to integrate into your daily routine.
  • Our serums penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin as the ingredients are micro-biotic.
  • The benefits build up over time, reprogramming your skin’s own regeneration.
  • They work synergistically with any other product and enhance whatever cleansing and protective care you are currently using.
Why is it advisable to use a serum?
Elixseri Serums will add power to your skin care routine, giving the skin the extra energy it needs to perform its regenerative and protective functions. Serums also address specific or punctual needs, allowing you to zero in on one aspect of your skin care. Last, but definitely not least, it is even more economical to use serums within a basic general skin care routine. Thanks to their potency and also because serums are worn closer to the skin, they can accomplish more than creams or cleansers.
Can oily skins also use serums?
All skin types benefit from Elixseri serums and oily skins are no exception. Our serums are light water based and ultra sheer. They contain no mineral oils that can sometimes block pores. For oily skins I would specifically recommned Opening Act for a gentle resurfacing and exfoliation, and Firm Conviction for lifting and pore tightening.
How long do I typically need to use a serum before I see the results?
The good news is that Elixseri serums offer immediate results upon application. Depending on your serum choice, you will notice one or more of the following: skin resurfacing, surface hydration, line smoothing, firming or a radiance boost. However, all our serums are specially created to reprogram your skin, and for this they need a bit of time (and you need to be patient). As of 28 days of consecutive use the truly remarkable results start to appear. This is the average course of a complete cell renewal process (at least 21 days in younger skins, 28 days in most skins.). For the treatment of more stubborn issues such as pigmentation or redness, I recommend that you use your serum for a period of 3 months. And during this time, be careful not to integrate too many new products into the mix to avoid any skin confusion.
Why are your serums targeted and not multi-functional?
Your skin can only handle so much at one time and mixing multiple active ingredients in one product requires added chemical preservatives (not to mention lower concentrates of active ingredients) that will actually defeat the purpose of the treatment. Also, what do you want your skin to focus on when it is bombarded with multiple different actives? Elixseri Serums have two goals. The long term goal is always enhanced skin regeneration, and all our serums accomplish this. The short term goal will depend on your skin's needs and thus which serum you select. Targeting our serums allows us to focus in our ingredient selection making the serums more potent and keeping them clean in the process.
Can I mix different serums and if yes, how?
Elixseri serums are so flexible that you can use them however it feels best for you. But for a synergistic action, use serums together correctly so they enhance each other's actions. When using more than one, use one serum at night and one during the day for optimal results. Choose the serums that address your immediate skin needs and use them for the recommended time (usually 28 days). Consult our Systems section for a truly personalised serum system. And if you would like a personal prescription, don't hesitate to email us your skin concerns (with pictures if possible) and we will advise you on the right serums for you.
How do I determine which serums to use together to solve more than one problem (dehydration and wrinkles for example)?
Of course many of us have more than one skin concern and of course we want to address them all. But for the best results you need to stop multi-tasking and focus. So our advice is to first decide what your "primary skin concerns" are before deciding on an ideal treatment combination. What is your skin's biggest need right now? Is your skin exceptionally tight, dry and grey now due to a specific stressor? Then this is a primary concern. Is your skin sometimes firm and other times less firm? Then this is a secondary concern. For a little help in determining which product is best for you, consult our Systems section. And if you would like a personal prescription, don't hesitate to email us your skins concerns (with pictures if possible) and we will advise you on the right serums for you.
Do I need use a cream over my Elixseri Serum?
It really depends. Some skins won't need a cream on top, some skins may be happy with just a light BB/CC cream or foundation (with UV protection) and some skins may need the extra comfort that a cream provides. The weather is also a factor with skin often needing an extra layer in cold winter months, and maybe something sheerer during the hot and humid summer months. Our serums are not designed to add excess lipids (fat) to your skin, they are designed to treat skin conditions deep down. As such, it's best to apply a cream on top of the serums to lock in all the potency and great benefits and give your skin some added comfort.
Can I mix my serums into my day cream or foundation?
While it is in no way dangerous, I would recommend that you don't mix these highly concentrated serums into your cream or foundation. The reason is that they could lose their active stength and thus their effectiveness. I recommend that you layer your products, leaving 3-5 minutes in between each layer, giving your serum the chance to really penetrate into your skin.
Do I use my serum(s) at night or during the day?
At night, the skin needs to regenerate, and the most powerful serums can be used to great effectiveness at night. But your serum routine will depend entirley on the end results you desire and on your lifestyle. Though Skin Meditation and Opening Act are products designed primarily for night time use, all Elixseri serums can be used day or night, depending on your system. For detailed instructions and recommendations, please consult the product pages and the how to use section.
Can my husband/boyfriend use my serum?
Sure, if he agrees to replace it by buying you a new one. Our serums are designed unisex and are ideal for men's skin. Men tend to have thicker skins and would benefit most from Opening Act and the Rescue Diver serums. The ideal "after shave" serum for more sensitive skins is our Skin Meditation. And our male product testers love the feel and mattifying effect of Firm Conviction.
Can teenagers use the serums?
All Elixseri serums are designed for customers of all ages. Due to the purity of our natural ingredients, the lack of any potentially harmful chemicals and our focus on the microbiome, we have serums in our range that are perfect for teenage skin. I would recommend Opening Act to keep skin clear and to provide an anti-bacterial action with a gentle exfoliation and pore tightening effect. While Rescue Diver is an excellent hydrating serum and leaves no greasiness.
Can I use the serum on my hands? My breasts?
Absolutely. You can use any serums on the back of your hands. In fact, why not make a habit of applying all excess product on the backs of your hands before massaging the serum into your face and skin. This way, your hands are always a part of your daily skin care ritual. We also recommend to apply any of our serums directly onto the neck and decollete area along with your face. Hands and neck are the first areas to show signs of aging, so should not be forgotten. As for breasts, this area usually requires specialized body products, but using Elixseri serum on your breasts is certainly not prohibited, as long as you avoid direct application onto your nipples.
Can I become allergic to any of the serum ingredients?
Yes, it is possible to become allergic to almost anything, but highly unlikley in the case of Elixseri serums. One of our credo's is to keep our ingredients lists as pure as possible, using high tech science to optimise natural and clean ingredients that have a high bio-identity with your skin. All Elixseri products will help to balance your own skin's microbiome, thus favouring good bacteria over bad and creating an ideal environment for your skin's natural processes and your skin care products to work.
What are the causes of skin allergies?
An allergy is an overreaction of the immune system to specific substances. There are several reasons that sudden skin allergies can occur. Skin allergies should be looked at by specialists, such as your dermatologist.
Can I use Elixseri serums around my eyes?
Our serums are not designed as eye treatments and you should therefore avoid the eye area when applying. Wearing Elixseri serums too close to the eyes may result in a slight tingling or watering effect if your skin is highly reactive. This is due to our high concentrations of fermented fruits, and not to any harsh chemical solvents, and should cease after a few days of use as your skin becomes accustomed to the ingredients. If you have normal skin that rarely reacts, you may be able to use our serums around the eye bone and under the eyes to smooth away crow's feet lines and provide a deep treatment to the area. Just be careful not to apply the product too close to the lids.
Do you do animal testing?
We do not test any of our products on animals and we require that all of our ingredients suppliers abide by this same rule. Animal testing is no longer permitted in cosmetics within the EU, but some suppliers may still carry out these practices in other parts of the world. In the case of our marine-based ingredients such as Sea Whip and Collagen from jellyfish, these ingredients are harvested bio-ethically in a sustainable manner that does not harm the species.
Why are your serums not Organic?
Elixseri serums are formulated to be the most natural and the most potent. This requires extremely light weight ingredients that will penetrate as deep as possible into your skin. This technology does require a small amount of synthetic preservatives to lock in the potency of the natural ingredients. But we have carefully selected all our ingredients to adhere to strict guidelines. We do not use parabens, sulfates, glycols, petroleum-based ingredients or a multitude of other chemicals that are sometimes considered harmful, (see "ingredients we don't use"). And the synthetic ingredients we do use - such as preservatives or polymers - are all kept in concentrations far bellow 1%. Organic skin care products often contain high amounts of plant based oils and essential oils. These are very heavy molecules and not always bio-identical to the skin's natural functions. Our serums are made with ingredients that are bio-similar to your skin's own molecules. They have been designed to be bio-available to your skin and bio-identical to its natural regenerative processes. They are the most natural and the most potent serums available today thanks to their careful make-up of micro-biotic ingredients.
Your serums do not contain any essential oils? Why not? Aren't essential oils good for the skin?
High concentrates of natural essential oils, such as those found in natural fragrances, can be harmful to sensitive skins. They contain large doses of plant polyphenols which can create a hyperloop of oxidation in the skin that cancels their benefits. And essential oils do not mix well with high tech molecules or proteins. All our plant based ingredients are bio-identical to your skin's own structure, and they work in harmony with the other ingredients in the serum.
Are there any times when I should not use a serum?
All of our Elixseri serums are designed to be worn by even the most sensitive skins and during the most sensitive periods. There is no risk for customers even in puberty, pregnancy or menopause. However, if any adverse reaction or allergy should occur, discontinue use immediatly and contact us for a personalised skin consultation.
How can I best combine derm treatments like Botox, laser and filler, beautician treatments and my daily skin care?
Elixseri serums are designed to be a complement to any derm or beautician therapy, helping to control skin inflammation, protect cellular DNA and normalise your skin's microbiome. Therapists usually work with our serums during specific treatments (under masks, pre peel or during massages), and they prescribe Elixseri serums as at home supplements to their medical procedures. We always recommend a rest period of at least 3 days after an intensive treatment like a glycolic peel or injections. Serum use is recommended as of the 4th day after the procedure, and only under your daily skincare that should include a broad spectrum UV protection. Your serum use can be adjusted according to what procedure you have had, to help amplify results.