" I use 3 serums and love them all."   " Best serums ever! Fantastic results on my skin. Can’t stop using them! "   " Everyone says how great my skin looks. "   " Even my beautician tells me how beautiful my skin has become. Fantastic! "   " Genius serums, I look younger -☺ "   " Wonderful! I am now almost at the end of my second bottle! "   " Very Convincing. Firm Conviction does it all for my oily skin. "   " Can’t live without it… Literally can’t. "
" I use 3 serums and love them all."   " Best serums ever! Fantastic results on my skin. Can’t stop using them! "   " Everyone says how great my skin looks. "   " Even my beautician tells me how beautiful my skin has become. Fantastic! "   " Genius serums, I look younger -☺ "   " Wonderful! I am now almost at the end of my second bottle! "   " Very Convincing. Firm Conviction does it all for my oily skin. "   " Can’t live without it… Literally can’t. "

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Skin Meditation

Skin Meditation

Stress Neutralizing Cellular Energy Complex

This silky smooth wellness cocktail is packed with natural actives specifically chosen for their ability to counteract the signs of skin stress.

Skin Meditation is ideal for those looking to soothe, detox and re-balance their skin during periods of high stress, pollution, hormonal changes, sun exposure or to offset toxic lifestyle choices.

Skin Meditation reinforces your skin’s lipid barrier, reducing ruddiness and boosting clarity and luminosity. Stressed skins are soothed and replenished; sensitivities and signs of external aggressions fade away. Comfort, balance and vitality are restored, along with your natural glow.

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| 30ml e 1 Fl. Oz.

Key Ingredients



Echinacea Angustifolia

Origin: Plant and Biotech

Originally native to Eastern and Central North America, Echinacea’s flowers, roots and leaves have been used by Native Indian tribes for hundreds of years for their anti-inflammatory, soothing and skin regeneration properties as well as to treat a wide range of conditions including bites, wounds and illness. To this day it is still one of the best-selling herbs in the world, a testament to its continued success in treating a wide range of symptoms.

Echinacea Meristem Concentrate is rich in phytochemicals including flavonoids, polysaccharides and echinacoside and it is thought to be able to stimulate the immune system whilst acting as an effective anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and natural antibiotic. In vitro tests give Echinacea Meristem impressive results: inhibiting Collagenase (enzymes that break the peptide bonds in collagen) by up to 94%, while also stimulating new collagen production by +24%. The high amino acid and polysaccharide content of Echinacea Meristem acts on skin hydration and nutrition levels for an increase in skin elasticity and comfort. Skin is left balanced and healthy, sooth and calmed and better able to defend and repair itself.



Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract

Origin: Plant

Magnolia bark is a highly aromatic herbal material obtained from the Magnolia tree. Ancient documents describe the Chinese using Magnolia Bark as a herbal medicine in 100 A.D, while modern Japanese herbal medicine also relies on the use of Magnolia Bark to treat depression, anxiety and associated symptoms such as shortness of breath and digestive disorders.

Skin Meditation contains Magnolia Bark Extract as it is a fantastic ingredient to help counter skin stress and balance cortisol. The primary skin benefiting compounds are magnolol and honokiol and they are 1000 times more potent than vitamin E in their anti-oxidant activity. These compounds also contain specific molecules that can reduce the inflammation which leads to the break down of collagen and elastin. In Skin Meditation Magnolia Bark Extract works alongside other potent actives to reduce skin redness, to restore firmness and moisture and to prevent the loss of elasticity.



Gossypium Herbaceum

Origin: Plant and Biotech

Arabian Cotton has been cultivated for centuries in the semi-arid and sunlit regions of Sub Saharan Africa and Arabia. Favoured by ancient Greeks for its “fruit fleeces surpassing those of sheep in beauty and excellence", Gossypium herbaceum has heart shaped 5-lobed to 7-lobed leaves, yellow flowers with purplish centers, and small fruits with large seeds and short grayish lint. Because it is an extremophile plant (adapted to living in extreme conditions) it has developed powerful defensive molecules that enable it to survive and thrive in the harsh environment in which it grows.

When applied topically, Arabian Cotton has the potential to boost the skin’s own defensive, protective and regenerative mechanisms to counteract the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. Reinforcing our skin’s own built-in SPF with remarkable protective abilities against sun exposure, it also acts to help the skin self-regenerate by boosting collagen and elastin production. And as an excellent anti-inflammatory, it demonstrates the ability to supress the inflammation resulting from external and environmental stress and assault. Skin stressors are neutralised, redness reduced, and skin feels calmed, soothed and cottony soft.



Garcinia mangostana Linn

Origin: Plant and Lactobacillus

Mangosteen is a tropical evergreen tree, whose fruits have been valued since ancient times and coveted by explorers and travellers who searched it out for its original sweet and sour flavour and delicate texture. For centuries Mangosteen has been used in Southeast Asian to stop infection, reduce inflammation, cure disease and to maintain general good health.

Modern science has discovered that this fruit contains over 200 Xanthones, potent anti-oxidants.Xanthones contain alpha and gamma mangostins which are effective in preventing and possibly even stopping a wide range of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer's. In Skin Meditation, Mangosteen will help to counter skin stress and sooth sensitivities, it will support and help rebuild your skin’s immune system and will work with other anti-oxidants to reduce UV damage, redness and pigmentation.



Lepidium Sativum Sprout

Origin: Plant and Biotech

Ancient oriental, Indian and Mediterranean cultures have been using cress as a remedy to prevent scurvy, detoxify and stimulate. Cress is a high-nutrient food with a substantial content of vitamins A, C and K and other dietary minerals.

However it is the powerful skin benefiting phytonutrients isothiocyanates that are particularly interesting. Isothiocyanates, and specifically the compound Sulforaphane, have a proven ability to detoxify environmental pollutants and toxins which can lead to skin discoloration and an attack on the skin’s structures. In Skin Meditation, Swiss Garden Cress helps to combat excess pigmentation in the skin by stimulating the enzymes that can eliminate “xenobiotics” or environmental toxins. It also contributes to a 100% increase in skin firmness and a 65% increase in skin smoothness.



Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

Origin: Plant

Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the argan tree endemic to southwest Morocco. Traditionally Amazigh (argan forest native) and Berber women used the kernels as a source of edible oil as well as to protect their skin from wind, sun and sand and as a remedy against inflammatory skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema and wrinkles.

Argan oil is extremely rich in fatty acids such as oleic (Omega 9), linoleic (Omega 6), palmitic and steric, which play a key role in supporting the skin’s barrier function, while tocopherols and phytosterols reinforce skin lipids and protect cell membranes and DNA from free radical damage. In Skin Meditation Argan oils works alongside other protective and nourishing ingredients to soften, nourish and defend the epidermis, creating a beautifully smooth and comfortable skin.

Full Ingredients List



Bio-Regenerative Technology (BRGT™) In Skin Meditation

Elixseri’s exclusive Bio-Regenerative Technology fuses patent pending Swiss Alpine Crystallised Light Water, Echinacea and Arabian Cotton Meristem Concentrates and prebiotic Tropical Mangosteen Ferment. Together these potent actives work in synergy to ensure that your skin’s microbiome is balanced and kept in optimal health, so that it is better able to protect, repair and regenerate itself.

  • Hydrates and strengthens the skin
  • Reduces irritation, soothes, protects
  • Provides powerful anti-oxidant action & reinforces skin's natural UV protection
  • Decongests, brightens, clarifies and firms
  • Promotes enhanced skin regeneration and energised cells
  • Improves skin tone
  • Optimises skin microbiome

Product Actions and Skin Benefits

Reduces redness & irritation Provides added comfort to dry skins
Skin exhibits less ruddiness and temporary patches of redness and inflammation are diminished. Skin appears supple and elastic, feels soft, tightness disappears, and sensitivities are calmed away.
Soothes stressed skins Normalizes skin microbiome
Skin is calmed, relaxed and comfortable, replenished from within, soft and supple to touch. Skin functions are normalized, products work better, with less risk of irritations.
Rebuilds skin’s lipidic barrier Unifies complexion
Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished and skin feels soft, smooth and comfortable. Skin is clearer and more even, better reflecting the light and emitting a healthy glow.
Hydrates Reduces dryness Counteracts skin stress
Skin has built up a stronger overall cell metabolism with the power to defend itself from stress and outside aggressions such as the sun, pollution and bacteria. Skin is replenished with moisture and goodness and is reduced of dryness, discomfort and redness.
Reduces pigmentation Rebuilds skin's immune system Reduces UV damage in skin Re-Energizes skin
Regeneration and cellular renewal are enhanced. Skin reacts less to everyday stress and will preserve calm and balance under intense periods of stress. Skin is smooth, glowing and younger looking, it appears more uniform and luminous, with reduced brown spots and redness. Improved skin health will enable all other products to penetrate better and work harder for you.

How To Apply

For all skin types and conditions, any age, gender or ethnicity. Especially recommended for sensitive or stressed skins.

Use daily, morning and/or night. Apply 2-3 drops, smoothing over face, neck and décolleté and finish with a gentle patting. Wait 5 minutes and follow with your usual skin care or accompanying Elixseri Serum. Avoid eye area and discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Use With


For a total anti-stress, anti-pollution, skin detox, use Skin Meditation after Opening Act.

For added stress relief and intense hydration, combine Skin Meditation with Rescue Diver.

For extremely dry skins craving comfort, combine Skin Meditation with Smooth Player.


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Instant relief!


25 January, 2021

What stood out to me from the first application was how soothing and calming it felt. My skin is constantly irritated by earing mask and using Tretinion and gosh, this brings relief and comfort. It has the perfect balance of hydration and moisture. Instant relief!
Problem areas improved


17 November, 2020

Even the first impression of the products is great. The bottles are very handy and the scent is super pleasant. The products leave a very nice feeling on the skin. After four weeks of use, my skin was better moisturised and looked healthier. My problem areas - cracked, rough skin - have definitely improved. In general, the skin is no longer so rough and feels smoother and softer. (translated from original German)
My skin no longer feels tight


14 November, 2020

I find the serums of Elixseri very good. My skin is now not so dry and does not tighten. I couldn't see any difference in the wrinkles, but the skin feels softer. It's great that the products have a good smell, because that's very important to me personally when it comes to cosmetics. (translated from original German)


13 November, 2020

My skin can no longer do without these serums, my skin is more radiant and I look much younger. (translated from original french)
Saviour for sensitive skin


7 November, 2020

I have rosacea and very reactive skin. Since I've been using this serum, it's much less sensitive, I have less redness and it's more comfortable. I only use it in the evening. Moreover, it is perfectly moisturizing and does not require applying another treatment afterwards. Lastly, it is well worth its price. (translated from original French)
merci encore pour votre ecoute


9 June, 2020

Je suis ravie de l’état de ma peau. Elle est beaucoup plus lumineuse, plus aucun tiraillement et je la sens également beaucoup plus tonique.
Ma peau se porte beaucoup mieux et semble être de plus en plus belle.


16 December, 2019

My daughter (9 ) suffers from bad eczema and flaky skin. She is given a steroid cream by our GP but I have found that the only thing that really works is Skin Meditation, which I use on her arms and face. It really has made the flakiness disappear and her skin is calm now. Its amazing.


30 October, 2019

J’ai suivi les conseils d’Elixseri pour ma peau.
J’utilise leurs sérums depuis presqu’un an.
Trois fois par semaine, Opening Act le soir, et après 5 mn pose de Skin Meditation. Le lendemain matin m’a peau est plus belle.
Le matin Firm conviction puis ma crème de jour.
Même mon esthéticienne dit que ma peau est belle.
Depuis que j’utilise les sérums Elixseri, ma peau a rajeuni. Je ne mets plus jamais de fond de teint, mais simplement une poudre de soleil. Je suis enchantée par ces sérums que je recommande vivement.
Fantastic for men


11 December, 2018

I have been using Elixseri for a year or so and seen a real improvement in my skin so I decided to buy Skin Meditation for my partner because his skin seems quite dry and stressed due to shaving. I’ve bought other products for him but he’s always had a bad reaction so I tried using an Elixseri sample first and within a few days noticed that his skin was so much better and there was no reaction. After three weeks his skin is so much softer and the difference is really noticeable. Only a very small amount is used so a bottle lasts a long time. I’ve had quite a few compliments on my skin since I started using Elixseri so I will definitely buy again.
I love this range

Louisa Clayton

12 November, 2018

I have no rhyme or reason with Elixseri. I use all the serums and would never use anything else. Opening Act is my weekly nighttime partner, while Rescue Diver is my loyal summer hydrator, and Skin Meditation keeps my skin soft and comfortable while adding that extra glow. I just tried Firm Conviction and I will soon be hooked on that one too. I love this range..
I'm a fan


6 November, 2018

Skin Meditation + Opening Act helped me a lot to balance my adult acne :) I'm a fan!
Can't live without it


21 February, 2018

Literally can't. I used to use antibiotic cream for rosacia but now when I use skin meditation I have no redness or spots. People comment on how much better my skin looks.
Great result on my rosacea


25 January, 2018

I have a long term problem with rosacea and have tried all manner of unguents, creams and potions to alleviate the condition. In 2 weeks I have already seen a dramatic improvement in my skin, the redness and irritation has gone and my face seems to have a much better tone.
Love it


7 December, 2017

I have been using this for 2 months now and I really really love this product. My sensitive skin is calmer and less red. I would highly recommend it.
Good for men

Hanspeter Jutz

21 July, 2017

This serum is really very good. I have very sensitive skin, very dry and uncomfortable. And when I shave my skin often gets irritated.
Skin Meditation made my skin much more balanced, with less irritations and definitely less dry.I felt more comfortable in my skin.
I highly recommend this serum to any person with sensitive skin who is always careful about products.
Especially men.



10 July, 2017

The main change is that I've needed so much less foundation in the day. My skin feels younger and cleaner (and looks younger too). It feels a little more robust, like I've had a holiday in the mountains! It still suffers from redness but much less so. I am IN LOVE with the serum, I'm addicted!

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