" I use 3 serums and love them all."   " Best serums ever! Fantastic results on my skin. Can’t stop using them! "   " Everyone says how great my skin looks. "   " Even my beautician tells me how beautiful my skin has become. Fantastic! "   " Genius serums, I look younger -☺ "   " Wonderful! I am now almost at the end of my second bottle! "   " Very Convincing. Firm Conviction does it all for my oily skin. "   " Can’t live without it… Literally can’t. "
" I use 3 serums and love them all."   " Best serums ever! Fantastic results on my skin. Can’t stop using them! "   " Everyone says how great my skin looks. "   " Even my beautician tells me how beautiful my skin has become. Fantastic! "   " Genius serums, I look younger -☺ "   " Wonderful! I am now almost at the end of my second bottle! "   " Very Convincing. Firm Conviction does it all for my oily skin. "   " Can’t live without it… Literally can’t. "

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Smooth Player

Smooth Player

Line Smoothing Skin Radiance Serum

This soft creamy serum is formulated to smooth away those pesky lines and wrinkles so common of dry skin.

From the first application, Smooth Player gets to work to eliminate dryness, erase fine lines and diminish the appearance of more persistent wrinkles and furrows.

It provides a double dose of hydration and nourishment to ensure that your skin looks and feels silky and supple, smooth and fresh. Skin tone and elasticity are enhanced, and your complexion radiates wellness.

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| 30ml e 1 Fl. Oz.

Key Ingredients



Capsicum Annuum

Origin: Plant and Biotech

Also known as the Chili Pepper, or simply - Chilis. It is estimated that South Americans have been cultivating Chili Peppers for over 7000 years. Traditionally Chilis were used in to counter black magic and to protect from evil, while also serving as an aphrodisiac. Capsicum are brimming with skin benefiting minerals and nutrients such as capsaicinoids carotenoids, polyphenols and flavonoids as well as Vitamins C, B and A.

All of which are essential to give the cells the energy that they need to perform their protecting, repairing and regenerating functions. A potent anti-oxidant, Capsicum Meristem Concentrate energise the skin and stimulates cell metabolism, leading to new cell regeneration, improving skin elasticity by 20% within 20 days, and giving your skin added tone and firmness.



Glycine Max

Origin: Plant and Biotech

Coming from the Japanese pronunciation – shoyu – Soy originated in the East as long ago as 7000 BCE in China, and 5000 BCE in Japan. Soybean (Glycine max) is a leguminous plant with red flowers and green pods containing 3-5 beans of various colors. Thanks to its richness in phytonutrients and its high protein and carbohydrate content, Soy has become one of the most important crops in the western world with 155 million tons grown yearly.

Naturally rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and lecithin which benefit the skin when applied topically thanks to their high anti-oxidant activity, soy also contains a high level of isoflavones. Isoflavones act as phytoestrogens in the body, helping in cell rejuvenation, and are directly responsible for an increase in skin thickness by improving collagen content and increasing cell proliferation. But unlike many xenoestrogens, these plant estrogens do not penetrate into the blood stream to disrupt the endocrine system. Elixseri’s Soy Meristem has been fermented and bioliquefied to increase the bio-availability and action of the phytomolecules. In vivo tests of Soy Meristem reveal an increase skin firmness of 18% after only 7 days, and a decrease in wrinkle depth of 27% after 21 days.



Carica Papaya Linn

Origin: Plant and Lactobacillu

Papaya has long been recognised for its impressive antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties, and is currently one of the most researched fruits in health.  Fermented Papaya- or Paw Paw - is incredibly rich in skin friendly phyto-nutrients such as flavonoids and phytoesterols, as well as vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, beta-carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C and vitamin A.

Fermentations of Papaya have been used over the centuries to treat, to heal and to repair inflammatory pain as well as wounds, cuts and burns. Papaya fermented extract is considered a free-radical scavenger, with an anti-oxidant power 20 times greater than that of Vitamin E. Our prebiotic Tropical Papaya Ferment will prepare the skin to better receive and use other active ingredients. It will also smoothen skin surface and promote skin regeneration, hydrate deeply and reduce trans-epidermal water loss, soothe stressed skin reducing skin inflammation and redness and to support skin’s immune system.



Morinda Citrifolia Linn

Origin: Plant and Lactobacillus

Noni is indigenous to the southern hemisphere and for over 2000 years has been used by ancient healers as the primary ingredient in their medicinal potions. Approximately 200 bioactive compounds have been scientifically identified in the fruit. These actives –potent phyto-chemicals and anti-oxidants, including anthraquinones, glycosides, lignans and polysaccharides - bestow on the Noni Fruit considerable analgesic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Noni also exhibits visible firming and anti-wrinkle properties in skin thanks to its proven action on skin’s collagen content. Clinical trials using Noni in cosmeceuticals have revealed fantastic skin benefits: it diminishes skin redness, helps to rebuild the skin’s lipid barrier, and provides energy and vitality to tired skins. Noni helps to even skin tone and to improve skin firmness and elasticity.



Sodium Hyaluronate

Origin: Biotech

Smooth Player contains Hayluronic Acid in both high and low molecular weights, acting in synergy with our Swiss Alpine Crystallized Light Water to ensure intense moisture, on multiple levels. Our High Molecular Weight HA forms a film on the surface of the skin reducing surface dehydration while increasing the moisturising effect by 22% within two hours of application. Low Molecular Weight HA is able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and works to preserve collagen and to stimulate Ceramide production.

Moisture levels are optimised, barrier functions are restored and the extra cellular matrix is supported. In vivo tests demonstrate an increase in the skin’s water content of 18% and a reduction in pore size of 20% within 4 weeks; a decrease of Trans-Epidermal Water Loss of 20% after 1.5 months and a 20% reduction in wrinkle depth after 2.5 months. Together High and Low Molecular Weight HA provide increased skin smoothness and comfort and a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.



Origin: Biotech

XEP 018 Snail Peptide is an instant line smoothing peptide which mimics the muscle-relaxing venom of the Marine Cone Snail. To attack and defend itself in its natural habitat, the Cone Snail produces Conotoxin, powerful venom that targets the neuromuscular system of its prey. This toxin is currently being used for medicinal purposes and the subject of multiple scientific studies. Elixseri’s Snail conotoxin is bio-engineered in a Swiss lab to reconstruct the properties of the peptides. The biotech origin of this ingredient allows scientists to recreate the identical properties of the Cone Snail Toxin, without risking harm to the Cone Snail or its environment (endangered mangroves and coral reefs).

For even more effectiveness, the bio-mimetic peptide is engineered at an extremely low molecular weight, allowing it to penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis. When applied to the skin, XEP™-018 has an instant line smoothing and wrinkle relaxing effect that also continues to work over time to alleviate deeper wrinkles. Clinical tests have demonstrated a 10% reduction in deep wrinkle depth in the first two hours. And 93% of those tested indicated that their skin was softer and lifted while 79% confirmed that their crow’s feet wrinkles were less visible.

Full Ingredients List



Bio-Regenerative Technology (BRGT™) In Smooth Player

Elixseri’s exclusive Bio-Regenerative Technology fuses patent pending Swiss Alpine Crystallised Light Water, Capsicum and Soy Meristem Concentrates and prebiotic Tropical Papaya and Noni Ferments. Together these potent actives work in synergy to ensure that your skin’s microbiome is balanced and kept in optimal health, so that it is better able to protect, repair and regenerate itself.

  • Hydrates and strengthens the skin
  • Reduces irritation, soothes, protects
  • Provides powerful anti-oxidant action & reinforces skin's natural UV protection
  • Decongests, brightens, clarifies and firms
  • Promotes enhanced skin regeneration and energised cells
  • Improves skin tone
  • Optimises skin microbiome

Product Actions and Skin Benefits

Instant line smoothing Provides added comfort to dry skins Improves skin radiance
Fine lines are instantly smoothed away, skin appears supple and elastic. Tightness disappears, and sensitivities are calmed, skin feels soft and smooth and appears luminous and energised.
Hydrates skin Reduces fine lines Normalizes skin microbiome
Skin is silky and glowing with no feeling of tightness and surface lines are smoothed away. Skin functions are in balance, helping other care products to penetrate and work better, with less risk of acne or irritations.
Reduces dryness Reduces wrinkles Reduces redness
Skin feels nourished and hydrated, lines and wrinkles are plumped away from underneath, tone is strong and elastic, bouncing back when touched. Skin is soft, smooth and luminous, with reduced redness, comfort is ensured.
Smoothes skin tone Tightens pores Clarifies complexion
Skin appears smoother with diminished lines and wrinkles and a more taught appearance. Pores are less visible, skin surface is silkier, and appears lighter and uniform with diminished discoloration.
Diminishes deep wrinkles Reduces UV damage in skin Re-Energizes skin
Regeneration and cellular renewal are enhanced. Skin appears fresher, more elastic and smoother as wrinkle depth is diminished and deep lines are less visible. Skin is revitalized, giving a healthy glow and enabling all other products to penetrate better and work harder for you.

How To Apply

For all skin types, any age, gender or ethnicity. Especially recommended for dry skins in combination with Skin Meditation or your usual nourishing and protective care.

Use daily, morning and/or night. Apply 2-3 drops, smoothing over face, neck and décolleté and finish with a gentle patting. Wait 5 minutes and follow with your usual skin care or accompanying Elixseri Serum. Avoid eye area and discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Use With


Our signature “Glow-Tox” – skin detox and radiance combined, apply Smooth Player after Opening Act up to 3 nights in a row.

For maximum line smoothing results, apply Rescue Diver and follow with Smooth Player.

For maximum age-management and perfect makeup application, apply Firm Conviction and follow with Smooth Player after 5 minutes.


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LOVE Smooth Player!


18 June, 2021

I LOVE the Smooth Player serum: the texture is beautiful and perfect for this time of year meaning I can forgo moisturiser!
beautifully textured


26 January, 2021

A beautifully textured line smoothing skin radiance serum, my skin feels so plump after each application.


25 January, 2021

The look, the scent and the consistency of the serums are great. I was particularly impressed by the fact that only one drop of serum creates such a great skin feeling. The skin feels and looks really fresh. I can only recommend Elixseri, my skin has really improved.


25 January, 2021

The elixseri serums are perfection they really are so wonderful. And definitely agree they are very addictive and affective.
Problem areas improved


17 November, 2020

Even the first impression of the products is great. The bottles are very handy and the scent is super pleasant. The products leave a very nice feeling on the skin. After four weeks of use, my skin was better moisturised and looked healthier. My problem areas - cracked, rough skin - have definitely improved. In general, the skin is no longer so rough and feels smoother and softer.
(translated from original German)
Surprising winner in the range!


15 November, 2020

This is my favourite daily product in the AMAZING Elixeri range. I noticed my skin was smoother and looked more plumped and younger after only a few days of use. I can't live without it.
Fresher, smoother, firmer skin


15 November, 2020

I was positively surprised not only by the beautiful, handy bottle and the pleasantly discreet fragrance, but also by the fact that my sensitive skin tolerated the serums of Elixseri very well. After four weeks of use my skin was fresher, smoother and really well moisturised. It also felt firmer and the wrinkles were reduced.(translated from the original German)


13 November, 2020

My skin can no longer do without these serums, my skin is more radiant and I look much younger. (translated from original french)
A great investment


6 November, 2020

I use this serum every day and apply it before my moisturiser. It makes my skin smooth, radiant and ready for a long day. You need a tiny bit of serum every day which means each bottle last long. Really worth it!


6 November, 2020

Very easily integrated into a care routine (morning and evening) in one year I saw the difference! (translated from original French)


5 November, 2020

Complete game changer. Nothing I’ve used over the 50 years has come anywhere close to the results and feeling Smooth Player gives me.
Thank you


5 November, 2020

I don't think I would be able to accept living without using this sérums! I'm 40,have been using on a daily basis this one or Firm conviction, and also Opening act, each 3 days in the evening, for approx. 2 years now. Genetics, this and a good hydration everyday must be paying off because people are mistaking me for a 25-30 y.o. :)
merci encore pour votre ecoute


9 June, 2020

Je suis ravie de l’état de ma peau. Elle est beaucoup plus lumineuse, plus aucun tiraillement et je la sens également beaucoup plus tonique.
Ma peau se porte beaucoup mieux et semble être de plus en plus belle.
Absolutely loving this


13 March, 2020

What a delightful journey I have been on with @elixseri. I am loving the energised “skin I am in”. My face appears fresher, clearer and firmer event the pigmentation on my cheeks is fading and I no longer hide it with blusher.
Best Serums Ever!


7 October, 2019

I have discovered the Elixseri serums a few months ago and have seen their fantastic results on my skin. Can’t stop using them!

Very happy customer

23 September, 2019

There is no doubt for me that Opening Act, Rescue Driver and Smooth Player are my great hereos when it comes to different skin issues like e.g. acne, hyperpigmentation and dull skin. Although using the products only 6 weeks my skin undertook an incredible transformation and is now looking healthy, glowy without pimples, redness and dark spots!

THANKS to the wonderful and unique Elixeri team for the support so far, as customer you are really feeling like a queen / king (not self-evident today) and moreover for the development of such great serums! You really need to give these serums a try, they will not disappoint you!


18 April, 2019

⁣Four people today said how great my skin looks... A girl friend asked me last week if I had botox....That has never happened before. Extraordinaire!⁣
I am really hooked


25 January, 2019

I have been using Smooth Player for a few months and I really see a visible difference in my complexion. Muy skin is less red and feels softer and plumper. I love this range. I also use the overnight serum to exfoliate. I am really hooked.
Works well on dry skin


15 November, 2018

There is no other serum like Smooth Player for my dry skin. I wear it under everything else and it keeps my complexion fresh and smooth. And I feel good about wearing a serum that works, but does not contain any nasty chemicals - only good thinkgs.
My skin looks great


12 November, 2018

Ever since I started using Smooth Player, friends who I have not seen in months spontaneously tell me how great my skin looks.  I’m never going back to my old brands. This serum is my saviour.
highly recommended


6 November, 2018

I had been noticing more and more fine lines around my eyes and mouth. I was sent a sample of Smooth Player and i loved it instantly. it glides on and smells delicious, fruity. I cannot say that it took away all my wrinkles in one go but it has definitely reduced them. I used to wear a day cream on top but I actually find that I do not need it too much anymore, depends on how dry I am feeling.

Joye Karidis

10 July, 2017

I have really enjoyed using this product and I have noticed some of my deeper lines fading. I mostly love how smooth and healthy my skin feels.
My skin looks healthy


20 May, 2017

I'm not a user of serums normally but I really liked Smooth Player. It was super comfortable, I didn't need any cream on top and I looked very healthy.


18 May, 2017

I can't live without it. It feels amazing, such quick absorption. People keep telling me how good I look and I know it's due to Elixseri. Thank You so much for letting me be one of your "testers"!

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