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Made in Switzerland

Yes, we are Swiss Made. But we are not boring. We don’t yodel. We sometimes break the rules (lots of rules in Switzerland). We are not always serious or diplomatic. So while we are Made in Switzerland, our team and our approach is truly global and diverse.

Our scientists are German, Italian and Russian. Our web developer is South African; our bottle designer is French; our social media expert is Estonian and English. Our graphic designers are British, Austrian and Latvian. Our photographer is French. Our bottle manufacturer is Spanish. Marina is Swiss / Serbian. Faiza is Irish / Lebanese. Alicia is pure American (but becoming more Swiss by the day). And our ingredients come from all over the world. But we are proud to say that our skincare is 100% SWISS MADE.

Why are we proud to be Swiss made? Three reasons: Purity, Quality and Scientific Innovation.

Swiss Innovation


Switzerland has a long tradition in innovation and has produced and educated luminaries such as Euler, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Jung and Einstein. For the last 5 years, Switzerland ranks No 1 in terms of innovation and produces the highest in number of patents per capita.

Specifically Switzerland is a true hot-spot in the field of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, with a focus on investment and development in niche technologies and ingredients. Switzerland is home to 65 pharmaceutical companies, 338 biotech companies and employs around 14,000 employees in science to produce more than 30,000 different products.

We benefit day in day out by being at the heart of this Innovation and many of our active ingredients originate from these labs.


We can attest first hand to the Swiss quality ethos that exists in Swiss laboratories. It’s no myth. Cosmetic legislation is extremely strict and ingredient safety is paramount and controlled by multiple agencies.

The Swiss medical, bio-tech and cosmetics industries are regulated for sustainability and companies are rewarded for minimising their impact on the environment. For example, our Light Water distillation unit has a neutral energy footprint.

Our Laboratory is ISO certified and holds multiple global safety certificates, with audits occurring regularly. And all product claims (ie reduces wrinkles by 25%), must be verified by both laboratory and consumer tests. Unlike most brands, we do not use in-vitro (ie petri dish testing) test results for claims since they cannot be verified in the skin. We only cite test results performed on humans in controlled settings.

Over the two years that we have been developing our formulas, our teams have consistently maintained one mantra – if it can be better, let’s make it better. The quality ethos permeates everything here.

lab materials
swiss purity


Clean air, snowy mountains, glistening glaciers, pure lakes… the Swiss have been blessed with wonderful and breath-taking nature and they take its protection very seriously.

Switzerland consistently ranks No1 globally for recycling as the population manages to recycle at least 75% of all recyclable material. The government provides incentives to recycle and strict disincentives to prevent waste. Rubbish is charged and run-off from “illegal” car washing is heavily fined (remember we mentioned the rules).

Three Swiss cities (Zurich Geneva and Bern) rank in the top five of the Mercer International study on quality of life in cities. Switzerland ranks number 5 out of the 140 countries evaluated on sustainable eco-tourism by the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report.

With the snow-covered Alps visible from almost anywhere in Switzerland, everyone here feels a real sense of purity. At Elixseri, we are proud to be part of the Swiss Sustainability movement, which is evident in everything we do.